House Cleaning 101 – The Ultimate Guide

Every individual desires to live in a clean environment.

A clean household gives one the peace they need while at home relaxing or working. How do people do their cleaning?

Some people wash and scrub the house themselves, others hire house helps, and others prefer cleaning through companies which offer cleaning services online.

While general house cleaning may seem easy and quick, this is not recommended if you have free time.

With general cleaning, one only dusts and washes places which are visible when someone enters a room.

This may not get rid of all bacteria and dirt in the house. General cleaning is only good when one is too busy to clean the whole house.


Deep cleaning

When deep cleaning, one should move from room to room, thoroughly inspecting every corner. It is better when one wears gloves when cleaning. When in the kitchen, sanitize the counter, oven, refrigerator and any kitchen appliance like the oven. It’s advised you call in a professional like oven cleaners London every 3 – 4 months.

When in the bedroom, vacuum the whole room and wipe every furniture.


Using a brush and wet piece of cloth get all the stains off the window. Deep cleaning the house ensures your home is left spotlessly neat, and comfortable for anyone to visit