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Metal Detecting A Beginners Guide

Tourism associated with metal detecting is becoming very popular all over the world.

More and more people in the world today are being pulled by historical fantasies to discover the secrets of medieval works and ancient buildings.

There are many fertile metal hunting spots all over the globe today, for example, what if you found out that you are walking on the same path that the vikings walked or where the Celts used to roam, or even maybe standing on the same spot where Roman soldiers camped, I am very sure that the allure is too much for you to resist metal detecting.


Great Britain is one of the most fertile grounds for metal detectors.

It has so many historical sites that any archeologist will find fascinating. so why not you? With the little time you get off from your busy work routine, and just a little amount of money that you might have put aside for a vacation, why not try out metal detecting?

All you have to do is get a tour company that specializes in metal detecting trips all over the world and book yourself a spot. You will be informed on all the travel regulations associated with treasure and metal hunting and as soon as you have the best metal detector and other equipment needed, you are good to go for an adventure of your life.

The most common metal treasures you can expect to find on these trips include, civil war coins, arrowheads, treasure hoard from Vikings era, ornaments and many more fantasy stuff that you can only dream about.

Not only that, in some areas, you have a chance to discover bronze, silver or even an occasional gold antique.

With metal detecting, you will be assured of connecting with history and an opportunity to handle lost civilizations.

This is an exercise that should be taken bu each and every history lover. It is mind blowing and a great learning experience.